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Currently, we are looking for interested Bachlor's and Master's students.


PhD/PostDoc : Investigation of 2DEGs by using IR s-SNOM

s-SNOM measurements on 2DEGs Copyright: Prof. Thomas Taubner

Scattering-type infrared near-field microscopy (''s-SNOM'') can be used to achieve high-resolution imaging and spectroscopy since at the tip apex, strongly confined and enhanced near-fields occur which allow to perform IR spectroscopy at a spatial resolution of only a few 10 nm, far below the diffraction limit of light.

Within this new project we want to employ the IR s-SNOM for the first time as a tool for high-resolution microscopy and as a spectroscopic method for the investigation of 2-dimensional electron gases (2DEG) which occur at the buried interface between the two insulators SrTiO3 (STO) and LaAlO3 (LAO). Details